Today I, the Group Home members and some of the staff went to the newly opened Cafe Zen 205 in Oikebashi.   A football match was being played on a screen so large that when I saw it I thought “This must be a sport bar.” All the furniture is made of wood  whose pleasant fragrance invades the whole place.

On the second floor there is a nursery school and on the third floor a share house.  We left the Hostel Taichi House flyer and went back. I enjoyed talking with the owner Mr. Nishimura. The bar has also been designated as a place to support for continuous employment (Type B services) and Mr. Nishimura is looking for some “cast.” One of the members of the Group Home said that he like that way of calling.

Later, thinking about how Mr. Nishimura words made  one of our staff motivated, I felt that words are more important than we usually think.