This night  a very interesting person stayed with us at Taichi House: the fortune teller Mr. Murakami. After reaching the age 60 he moved near to  Kashihara Shrine in Nara Prefecture to be closer to the gods aurea to become a fulltime fortune teller.  I asked him to predict the secret of prosperity of Taichi House.

Last night and also the night before we got some reservations from two couple of Chinese, but even after the check-in time was over nobody was showing up. I and the diligent staff waited in the group home nearby until midnight and then we decided to put a memo on the front door of the hostel in the case somebody would come and go to sleep.

The staff was worried that they might have lost their way or that they have had some trouble, the first night, but when the same situation occurred also the next night, I felt so resentful about it that I thought to refuse all the reservations made by Chinese from now on.

The fortune teller Murakami told me that the booking site I been using is not good and that I should try to change the reservation site and, at the same time, enrich the Taichi House website.  After listening to his word I felt more relaxed.

There is no saying how his prediction may turn out, but I decided to believe in his divination.

From left to right: the fortune teller Murakami, me and a acupuncturist.